Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding DJ at Work
Q: What time will the DJ arrive at my event?

A: Typically, you can expect us to arrive at your event 45-60 minutes prior the scheduled start time. This time will enable us to test the equipment and make any last minute changes, if necessary.

Q: Do your entertainers dress appropriately?

A: Absolutely! You will dictate the dress code for your event. From formal occasions to backyard pool parties, your entertainer will dress accordingly.

Q: Do you offer games for children?

A: Yes! If you’re having children at your event and would like to include games or contests, we will be happy to run them for you. We have many exciting activities and games designed to keep kids entertained for hours.

Q: Can we choose the music to be played at our event?

A: Our services are based solely upon what you want them to be. Keeping your crowd engaged depends on many factors, not just the music that is played. The type of event, desired music mix, DJ personality and atmosphere all play a role. Prior to your event, you will have the opportunity to access our on line song request page where you will create a customized song list. Your entertainer will then be familiar with the music you and your guests want to hear, ensuring the success of your event.

Q: Do you have an online event organizer?

A: Yes , when you book with Boston Event Djs, you will have access to the most state of the art, self explanatory event organizing software in the industry. You just follow the promts and drop down menus and you can organze your event in minutes!

Q: Can we have a “do not play” list?

A: Yes. This may be just as important to you as your “must play” list. You may also create a “do not play list” from our song request page and send it to us in the same manner.

Q: We have teenagers that love hip-hop, are your songs edited?

A: Yes! We belong to a DJ music service that provides us with the latest RADIO EDITED versions of today’s hottest hits.

Q: What if we want a song that you don’t have?

A: Our music collection spans thousands of songs from several decades. On occasion, a client will request an obscure song that is not in our collection. In this case, there are two options: you may either supply us with the CD before the event so that we may check it for scratches, or (if you do not own a legal copy) we will obtain the song before your event. Just give us some advance notice so we can locate the song for you. If you provide us with a CD, we will return it to you at the conclusion of your event.

Q: How loud do you play the music?

A: One of the greatest concerns regarding bands and DJs is that the music will be too loud. We take great care to ensure that the music does not overwhelm your guests. During your cocktail and dinner hours we will play soft and relaxing background music. The sound will be evenly dispersed throughout the hall allowing your guests to freely communicate. When it comes time to begin the dance music, we will adjust the volume accordingly. This may require the re-positioning of speakers and equalization of the music in order to get the right sound for the specific room. We will focus the music in the dance floor area. This means that while the volume is loud enough to dance to on the floor, the rest of the room will be able to continue to comfortably socialize.

Q: Do you have backup equipment?

A: Our DJs will have a small amount of equipment on-hand to ensure the music keeps going. While our equipment is extremely reliable, unforeseeable technical glitches can occur. Our well-trained staff can quickly troubleshoot and fix most issues, often without you and your guests even knowing there was a problem at all. Backup staff may be called upon to provide additional reinforcement and/or equipment if necessary.

Q: Do you provide a light show?

A: Our light shows are an additional upgrade option available to you. Your DJ will help you select a light show appropriate for your event. It may be simple, elegant uplighting or a concert-style show complete with Intelligent lighting. The ultimate decision is up to you. We have the ability to obtain almost any type of lighting effect you desire. Take a look at our lighting site. Boston Event Lighting

Q: How interactive are your DJs?

A: The answer is simple: our DJs are as interactive as you want them to be. They can be background figures that keep the attention on the bridal party, completely outgoing, or somewhere in between. You will never hear your DJ yelling or singing into the microphone. We will never steal the spotlight, maintaining a high degree of professionalism no matter how outgoing you want us to be.

Q: How experienced are your entertainers?

A: All of our entertainers are hand selected from the finest in the industry. Read the various biographies and testimonials for more information on each Dj.

Q: Will my DJ be drinking at my event?

A: Our entertainers are professionals that will NOT consume alcohol before or during any event.

Q: Are you insured?

A: Most quality banquet facilities require entertainment companies to be fully insured. We are covered by an aggregate liability insurance policy. You and your guests are protected by our service. This gives you the security of knowing that you, your family, your friends and the facility are taken care of by a professional company that cares enough to be prepared.

Q: Does the DJ expect a gratuity?

A: While it is customary to tip the entertainment industry, it certainly is not mandatory. If your DJ surpasses your expectations, an additional gratuity of 5-10% would be considered not only extremely generous, but a great compliment as well.

Q: Should we provide a meal for the DJ?

A: Our DJs are often at your location for 8 hours or more including the time necessary for the setup and breakdown of the equipment. It is customary for banquet halls to feed the vendors a hot meal. Meals provided at the event are always appreciated.